What You Should Ask & Know

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We at Born Again Concrete & Resurfacing genuinely care about our customers and potential customers that may be considering using another company and/or contractor. We want your project experience to be a pleasant one with minimal issues.

Here are a few questions you should ask and why:

1) Is the company/contractor licensed and insured? If so, can and will they provide current paperwork?

Being licensed, a company is saying they are following guidelines set forth by either state and/or local regulations.

Being insured, both the homeowner and contractor are covered in the event of any mishaps. If a person contracted were to get hurt on a homeowners property and wasn't insured they can sue the homeowner.

We at Born Again Concrete & Resurfacing are licensed with general liability and workmans compensation, so we are happy to provide verification.

2) Does my project require architectual, engineering and/or a permit?

Different municpalities may require these depending on the nature of your project.

Born Again Concrete & Resurfacing always conforms with these requirements and regulations. We not only want to protect you but we want to protect our good name also.

3) How long will my project take from start to completion?

A good contractor will tell you in real time how long a project should take. Keeping in mind there are unforseen situations that may prolong your project such as weather, revisions, work order change, etc.

4) When it comes to payment what is standard?

Depending on the nature and size of your project some contractors require a deposit upfront, a draw system or payment when completed. This is to be negotiated with both the contractor and the customer and  stated in a contract before any work is performed.

NEVER PAY ANYONE 100% BEFORE THE JOB IS STARTED! Unfortunately there are people out there that will take your money and run.